on the road

Truth lies within the observation of nature _Wabi-Sabi proverb

Wabi-Sabi: a paradoxical illusion. The definition by words is lost in translation. The only way to begin to understand it is to experience it.  Wabi-Sabi is true beauty, in its purest form. It’s the mistakes and marks of nature, the hand of the craftsman, the splinter of bark missing from a redwood. It’s a feeling of clarity through stillness and simplicity. Somewhere between San Francisco and Portland on the 101, my pulse moving in synchrony to the powerful ocean shore, a feeling of sublime content hit me. It was my first experience in understanding the purity of Wabi-Sabi. The sensation traveled with me to my final night of camping. Standing on the bluff above the coast just before the California border, Wabi-Sabi took shape when the spray of a wave braking against a cliff below was carried by the wind so precisely onto my cheek. This simple droplet could not have traveled without the wind, nor would the gust have mattered if it were not for the droplet. Give and take. Back and forth. The power of Wabi-Sabi.